More outdoor artwork in Kent!

Kent is a veritable maelstrom of outdoor art this summer!  Frances Nelson and Brad Gunn have been hard at work on their piece “THRESHOLDS” at the Saar Pioneer Cemetery.  The opening reception is this Sunday, August 4, from 4-6 pm.  Frances Nelson says about the installation:

It started with a small idea: how to mark the unmarked. Out of almost 200 people buried in Saar Pioneer Cemetery, there are 89 unmarked graves. Due to weather, vandalism or time, the headstones have disappeared; yet, a presence, or mass (detected via radar), if you will, still remains. During various moments over the past year, my friend and collaborator Brad Gunn, have worked on this idea of “marking the unmarked” on this cemetery island located within a WinCo Foods parking lot. Through a mix of manual and digital fabrication techniques, we have created something that we hope will acknowledge these early Kent pioneers.

Our two projects will be joining forces for a day of art in Kent on September 8:  Nelson & Gunn will have a reception from 12-3 PM, then y’all can head on over to THE SALON for our opening celebration.

THRESHOLDS will be on display until SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 at the Saar Pioneer Cemetery, 21100 91 St Pl S, Kent, 98031 (across from WinCo Foods parking lot).  Located at 91st and S. 212 Way (enter on 212th).

You can see process photos and additional info on the installation here:
and through 4Culture:

And the award goes to…

…our favorite multi-talented artist, vintage style-maker and musician Adria Garcia!  Adria was chosen by her tribe as Taino artist of the year for 2013, in part for her work on these braided grass installations.  Adria was thrilled and honored to be chosen for the award and says that “Everything I do, I do for the love of the Taino people.”  Congratulations to Adria and all of the talented and dedicated Taino artists, teachers and activists that received awards this year!